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Best Exercise for Flat Stomach - Pilates Crunch Sit Up

This is a Pilates style crunch sit up, it's unlike a traditional crunch which focusses on using the rectus abdominals (six pack muscle). This Pilates crunch focusses on using the transverse abdominis muscle instead. The transverse abdominis helps us 'hollow' the stomach - in other words it pulls the belly back towards the spine. When we do this action of hollowing the abdominals it gives us greater core stability and supports the spine. The aesthetic benefit is that gives us a flatter stomach and slimmer waist.

I am currently offering online Pilates classes and online Pilates Personal Training via Zoom. I can help with injury rehabilitation, pain relief, postural alignment and general fitness.

Please get in touch for details.

Lucy Filce

Pilates Birmingham

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