Qualifications & Testimonials

Midland Orthopaedic Study

29th June 2022

Midland Orthopaedic Practice

The Magical Meniscus: What is it?  Where is it?  What can go wrong?  What can we do? - Mr Marcus Green

27th April 2022

Midland Orthopaedic Practice


Foot and ankle management - circumstances and resources versus conditions – Mr Mark Herron

6th October 2021

Midland Orthopaedic Practice

How to interpret and decipher an MRI report in your own practice - Mr Marcus Green

31st March 2021

Midland Orthopaedic Practice


The Management of Hip problems post Covid-19 'an update' – Mr Ronan Treacy

2nd December 2020

Midland Orthopaedic Practice

Rotator Cuff Disease: Pathology, Diagnosis & Treatment - Mr Samir Massoud

9th September 2020

Midland Orthopaedic Practice


The Management of Hip problems post Covid-19 – Mr Ronan Treacy

15th July 2020

Midland Orthopaedic Practice

The Management of Hip problems post Covid-19 – Mr Ronan Treacy

27th May 2020

Birmingham Knee and Shoulder Clinic

What’s new in meniscal tear? Pathologies and management – Mr Duncan Learmonth

6th May 2020

Birmingham Knee and Shoulder Clinic

Knee and Shoulder in Lockdown – Mr Martyn Snow

13th November 2019

Birmingham Knee & Shoulder Clinic

Lecture evening
Knee Joint preservation: from cartilage injury to Osteoarthritis - Professor Martyn Snow
Shoulder Examination - Mr Duncan Learmonth
Knee & Shoulder replacements: where are we now? - Mr Faisal Hussain

9th October 2019

Midland Orthopaedic Practice

Lecture evening
Pain patterns and pathologies of the hip and their treatment - Mr Ronan Treacy
The painful knee: The Patellofemoral joint - Mr Duncan Learmonth
The Mystery of shoulders - Mr Faisal Hussain

26th June 2019

Midland Orthopaedic Practice

Lecture evening
Back pain, Sciatica and Drop foot.  When to intervene and why? - Mr Mushtaque Ishaque
Tendon problems of the foot and ankle - Mr Mark Herron
Traumatic Shoulder Instability - Mr Samir Massoud

3rd October 2018

Midland Orthopaedic Practice

Lecture evening
The rotator cuff: From Impingement to reverse shoulder replacement - Mr Samir Massoud
Latest controversies in knee and shoulder - Mr Faisal Hussain
The Flat Foot - Mr Mark Herron

4th July 2018

Birmingham Knee and Shoulder Clinic

Lecture evening
Shoulder Rehab – Professor Martyn Snow
Anterior Cruciate Ligament Update – Mr Duncan Learmonth
The truth about knee arthroplasty – Mr Faisal Hussain

24th April 2018

Midland Orthopaedic Practice

What does the future hold for Back Pain and Spinal Surgery – Mr Mushtaque Ishaque
Case studies in adult hip conditions – Mr Ronan Treacy
Knee and Shoulder update – Mr Faisal Hussain

27th September 2017

Midland Orthopaedic Practice

Back pain.  Disc, Facet joint or Sacroiliac joint?  How to diagnose and when to refer – Mr Mushtaque Ishaque
Shoulder stiffness – causes and management – Mr Samir Massoud
An update on hip surgery – Mr Ronan Treacy

Certifications & Continuing Professional Development

September 2022

Diploma in Exercise Referral

Level 3
Focus Awards

Planning Exercise Referral Programmes with patients

Understanding Medical Conditions for Exercise Referral (level 4)

Professional Practice for Exercise Referral Instructors

Instructing Exercise with Referred patients

Anatomy and Physiology for exercise and health

Applying the principles of nutrition to a physical activity programme

Currently undertaking

Lower Back Pain Management

Level 4
Currently studying this course.

October 2017

Postural Analysis & Movement Correction

Level 3
Drummond Education

Postural Assessment 
Corrective exercise 
Advanced anatomy and physiology
Advanced biomechanics of movement
Analysis of movement
Movement dysfunction

8th July 2015

Adapting Exercise for Older Adults (QCF)

Level 3
Lifetime Education

6th October 2012

Pilates Small Equipment

Pilates Training Solutions

30th October 2011

Muscle Testing & Function

Pilates Training Solutions

26th September 2010

Pilates and Pregnancy

Pilates Training Solutions

6th August 2010

Intelligent Fitness

Understanding Pelvic Stability
Understanding Spinal Loads
Understanding Spinal Stability

27th April 2009

Obesity – Understanding Effective Programming


October 2008

Advanced Cardiovascular Programming

Lifetime Education

15th October 2007

Certificate in Personal Training

Central YMCA Qualifications

Level 3

Level 3 Client lifestyle and Fitness Assessment

Level 3 Advanced Instructing Gym

Level 3 Nutrition and Weight Management Advice

Level 3 Training in Different Environments

Level 3 Business and Marketing Skills for the Fitness Professional

14th February 2008

Certificate in Teaching Exercise and Fitness

Level 2

3rd September 2007

Pilates Matwork

AMAC Sports


Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology

Contraindications to participation

3rd September 2007

Advanced Fitness Instructor

AMAC Sports


Level 3 Exercise and Fitness Knowledge

Client Testimonials

The quality of the teaching is excellent. Lucy is really clear and comprehensive in her instruction and able to run mixed classes that clearly suit beginners and very experienced people. In every class she carefully advises people with back problems etc about what to do and what not to do. She is always positive and subtle in helping you improve. An added bonus is that she Is a really nice person.

John Ryder

Lucy is an excellent teacher. I have been at her classes for over 10 years. She has expert knowledge from continually updating her practice. She accommodates all levels and differing needs. She is friendly, patient, kind and conscientious.

Ann Howard

I feel so lucky to have found Lucy, going to Pilates each week is a pleasure and never feels like a chore. Lucy is such a calm and knowledgeable teacher, you always feel like you're in good hands! She provides different levels to suit every person in the class so anyone can join in. Her classes are friendly and good for you - what more could you want!!

Ellen Franklin

My wife & I have attended Lucy's pilates classes for over 4 years - she is a kind, patient teacher who helps us improve our technique and provides a calm space in our busy lives.

Stuart Bentley

I have been doing pilates with Lucy for a long time and am so lucky to have found such a brilliant instructor. Lucy takes the time to get to know you (and your injuries!), so whatever you do is safe, but at the same time pushes you to improve strength and flexibility. She's great. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend. Thanks Lucy!

Tracey Dudley

I've been doing classes with Lucy for over 10 years. When I was working I found them a good way to unwind after a difficult day.  When I retired, they helped to keep me mobile but also bring peace and focus to my week. Classes are presented in a light, but professional way and you will be encouraged to work at your own pace and given options if you have any injuries.

Marian Wolff