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Tightrope Balance for Improving Stability and Proprioception

This is a wonderful exercise to activate your stabilising core muscles and proprioception. I learnt this exercise whilst on an older adult’s course many years ago, it is used to test older adults balance and improve their stability. On that course I also learnt that our muscles and ability to balance deteriorates at a rate of 1% every year after the age of 30. So imagine if you were sedentary from 30 - 50 years old; potentially you could have lost 20% of your muscle tone and ability to balance. I practice this tightrope balance with all of my one to one clients regardless of their age.

I am currently offering online Pilates classes and online Pilates Personal Training via Zoom. I can help with injury rehabilitation, pain relief, postural alignment and general fitness.

Please get in touch for details.

Lucy Filce

Pilates Birmingham

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