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Quadruped Hip Abduction / Piriformis Syndrome / Sciatica Pain Relief / Hip Replacement Rehab

This hip Abduction exercise focusses on strengthening Gluteus Medius and the Piriformis. It is a fantastic exercise for stabilising the pelvis, hip and lower back. I use this exercise to help clients who present with sciatica that has not been caused by a slipped disc in the lumbar spine. This type of sciatica can be caused by weakness or tension in the piriformis which then presses on the sciatic nerve. As the Piriformis helps to laterally abduct the hip when the hip is in flexion this exercise is perfect for isolating this muscle and getting it moving.

I am currently offering online Pilates classes and online Pilates Personal Training via Zoom. I can help with injury rehabilitation, pain relief, postural alignment and general fitness. Please get in touch for details.

Lucy Filce

Pilates Birmingham

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