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Pigeon Stretch for Injuries and Lower Back Pain - How To Do Pigeon Safely

The Pigeon Stretch is a notoriously difficult pose and if you have injuries, it can be a nerve racking position to get in to. In this video I have demonstrated a gentle way to get in to this stretch and several modifications. I have given variations for knee injuries, lower back pain and general tightness in the joints. When done safely, the Pigeon Stretch is wonderful, it improves mobility in the hips, knees and lower back. It is a good exercise for slipped disc and sciatica, however please always consult your practitioners before trying new exercises.

I am currently offering online Pilates classes and online Pilates Personal Training via Zoom. I can help with injury rehabilitation, pain relief, postural alignment and general fitness. Please get in touch for details.

Lucy Filce

Pilates Birmingham

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