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How to Do an Advanced Roll Up - Advanced Pilates

The Advanced Pilates Roll Up / Roll Down from seated is a preparation exercise for The Teaser exercise. Only try this version of the Roll Up if you are able to do the Intermediate Roll Up in a controlled manor without using momentum to swing through the movement.

For most of us we're used to using the rectus abdominals to do a sit up but this exercise is very different. You will learn to use the transverse abdominis and the multifidus muscles to segment the spine so you get a rolling action imprinting the spine down and peeling the spine up. The benefits of learning to use these muscles are many; a strong core, more flexibility in the spine and a general improvement in body agility to name a few. In this video I've demonstrated the Advanced Roll Up / Roll Down with a variation to make it lighter for those new to this exercise.

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Lucy Filce

Pilates Birmingham

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