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Six Week Postural Correction Program

An online one to one supported program with diagnostic reports and prescribed exercises.

Assessments are easy and can be done remotely via a Zoom call.

Do you have injuries or pain in your body caused by postural misalignment?

Would you benefit aesthetically from postural correction?

Do your patients / clients need one to one support to address anatomical alignment and injury management?

If yes; The Postural Correction Program is designed for you.

Week 1

Initial Assessment

Week 6

Comparision Assessment

Right Lateral
Right Lateral Comparision

4 weeks of corrective exercises

Your Postural Correction Program consists of:

1. An 'Initial Assessment Report' detailing postural deviations including a Biometric Report and a Functional Movement Analysis.

2.  Six online one hour 1:1 sessions where we will work together actioning your prescribed corrective exercises. Plus access to videos you can use at home in between our focussed sessions.

3. A Visual Comparison Report demonstrating your progress.

Week 1

Week 6

Week 1

Week 6

Anterior Comparison
Posterior Comparison

You will receive a Biometric report including an accurate BMI assessment, your body fat percentage, hip to waist ratio, lean body mass calculations and Basal Metabolic Rate. 

Week 1

Biometric Assessment

Week 6

Biometric Comparison Assessment

You will also be assessed on your Functional Movement and receive a report detailing inactive and overactive muscle groups.  Your prescribed exercises will also work to correct muscle function.  

Week 1

Lateral Movement

Week 6

Lateral Movement Comparison

These photo's are just a visual example, you will actually receive a complex report on postural deviations and muscle functions.  If you would like to see a full comprehensive sample report please contact me.

Benefits of the program:

1. Pain Relief

2. Injury Management

3. Aesthetic Reward

Postural assessments are bought in six week blocks:

Week 1: 

Week 2-5: 

Week 6: 

Full assessment carried out

Corrective exercise program

Comparison report

There is the option to continue with further exercise programs for another six weeks if more postural / muscular improvements need to be made.

Postural Assessment 6 week block = £300

Please contact me to book

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